Therapeutic Services

We recognize and embrace the fact that every student is unique, therefore each student receives an individualized treatment plan.

In order to form the most effective treatment plan, the clinical team at Waterfall Canyon Academy will enlist the help of parents, referring agents, and professionals who have previously worked with the student. Each treatment goal will assist the student to communicate, identify, and practice pro-social attitudes and behaviors. All students are offered the clinical services listed below.

Individual Therapy

Each student will meet with his/her primary therapist for a minimum of one hour per week for individual therapy. The Primary Therapist formulates an individualized treatment plan that functions as a reference for the entire treatment team.

Through the individual therapy process, students are taught skills needed to better function in a variety of environments such as emotional management, social skills, developing and maintaining healthy relationships, mindfulness and awareness, along with the objectives outlined in their treatment plan. Students are seen formally for individual therapy weekly.

Family Therapy

Family therapy, an integral part of the student’s treatment program, is provided by the primary therapist. All students will have a minimum of one family therapy session each week. Family Therapy generates an awareness of and involvement in your student’s progress.

Families also receive help and guidance in working with their son or daughter to strengthen family relationships.   In addition to Family Therapy Parents are encouraged to attend our “Family Seminars” where parents and family members are offered support from WCA and other families as well as opportunities to gain additional skills and insight into their son or daughter.

Group Therapy

Waterfall Canyon Academy offers various opportunities for group therapy within our program continuum. Group therapy provided include:

(MRT) Moral Reconation Therapy is a cognitive Behavioral approach that helps our students develop a better understanding between the choices they make and their emotions. The MRT work book that many of our students work through is the Character Development workbook. This work book focuses on helping the individual develop will power and self-discipline. As they work through the work book they also have an opportunity to advance in the program. The MRT book is directly related to the steps in the program.

(DBT) Dialectical Behavioral Therapy has been helping our student population learn better emotional control and awareness. DBT focuses on learning four types of skills. The first, mindfulness skills helps our students know themselves better and have more control over their emotions and how to act in situations. The second set of skills, emotion regulation, will help them learn important information about their emotions and help them manage them better and have more positive emotions. Distress tolerance will help them get through crisis situations without making things worse by falling back on behaviors they may have used in the past. Finally, interpersonal effectiveness will help them develop healthier relationships with other people.

This group is one of the more open groups at WCA as there is no workbook, homework or outline. Every week one of our licensed therapists runs the “processing group.” These groups give your son/daughter the opportunity to bring up topics they desire to work through. Often these groups focus on conflict resolution, peer interactions, house issues, community interactions etc. At times, the clinician will bring a topic relating to current matters such as, home visits, Family Seminars, community stressors/interactions and behavioral issues in programs etc. We find that a lot of good work comes out of these less formal groups.

Medication Management

Students suffering from chemical imbalances that contribute to behavioral and emotional difficulties may receive medication management, as needed, through our licensed, board certified, psychiatric provider.

We espouse a conservative approach towards medication and feel that the many additional interventions and strategies that Waterfall Canyon Academy offers combined with medication interventions when needed, provides the students with balanced treatment.

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