Waterfall Canyon Academy wanted to apply our community-based philosophy to our academic setting leading to the opening of OakGrove School in 2008. OakGrove strives to maximize each student’s academic potential. Identifying learning styles, interests, and strengths while providing quality information in an engaging, creative, strategic manner is key.

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OakGrove School

OakGrove School is a non-profit, accredited, private school located a few miles from each program home and serves Waterfall Canyon Academy students. The school setting is small yet encompasses a feeling of normalcy. Students attend six 45-minute classes from 10am until 330 pm Monday through Friday. OakGrove School offers small class sizes, individualized academic plans, accommodations for any learning style, engaged faculty and staff, and extra-curricular activities such as after school clubs (ex. chess, year book, book), Student Leadership Counsel, field trips, and assemblies.

Educational Services

OakGrove School envisions students learning in an environment similar to their home schools, but on a much smaller level.  We offer students the opportunity to “unplug” from their daily distractions and dig into learning.  Our school will help students recognize their potential to be leaders amongst their peers, representatives of their community, and stewards of the environment.

Because our students often struggle with executive functioning and impulse control, OakGrove School is dedicated to educating the whole student. Frequent opportunities for reflection will allow students to connect the curriculum to their lives and the community they are part of. Personal growth will be built into every lesson through guided personal choice, goal setting/monitoring, and self-evaluation.

  • Speech and Language

    This service will focus on communication skills. The Speech Therapist will assist verbal and nonverbal communication, language comprehension, and social communication.

  • Occupational Therapy

    This service will aim to improve the student’s ability to perform daily activities and develop fine motor skills, develop self-care skills, improve sensory integration, and enhance their overall independence.

Group Therapy

Students at OakGrove School will meet for a therapist led group twice a week thought-out the year, with the exception of June when Summer programing is happening. There are three groups that rotate throughout the year; PEERs, The C.A.T. Project, and ART. The PEERs group is the longest group that takes approximately 17 weeks to complete. This group focuses on peer relations building and social skills. The following group, the C.A.T. Project, is about 11 weeks long and focuses on recognizing feelings and thoughts and using strategies to manage them. The final group, ART, will take place the last 8 weeks of the year. The group will review and role play aggression replacement strategies.

Each group is implemented similarly, meeting twice a week for an hour during the last two classes of school. The group consists of a dialectic lecture, group discussion and actives, and take-home reflection work. Program staff, teachers, and therapists are provided with information on weekly topics and encouraged to discuss them with student to create a holistic approach.

Academic Resources
in the Community

Waterfall Canyon Academy and OakGrove School have worked closely with the Ogden Weber Technical College. If interested and once approved by the treatment team, students meet with an OTECH counselor to discuss interests and abilities. Many of our students have succeeded academically and experienced an increase in self-confidence at the OTECH. Click here for more information about their training programs. www.OTECH.edu

Several WCA students have attended/attend Weber State University. WSU’s close proximity to our program homes allows students an opportunity for higher education while maintaining a supportive environment. Weber is an open-enrollment university, and has been recognized as the top public school in Utah for return on your educational investment. For more information visit their website. www.weber.edu

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