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Many of our students who complete WCA’s Advanced Transitional Living Program wish to remain in the Ogden area to complete an educational program or maintain employment they have enjoyed. Support Services is designed to provide those students an opportunity to live in their own apartment with continued therapeutic services, supportive mentoring, and maintaining meaningful relationships they have formed with other students and staff.

Support & Mentoring

Support Services students are employed, pay for rent and utilities, shop for groceries and supplies, and manage their time and relationships. Rather than being told what to do they are coached to find their own options, problem solve, and identify resources around them. The amount of therapeutic support and mentoring is completely dependent on the student’s needs. This is determined prior to the student graduating the Independent Living Program, and can be adjusted at any time after. As the student progresses toward self-reliance, the amount and frequency of these services decreases.

  • Therapy/Medication Management

    Students benefit from the consistency of seeing their primary therapist. Medication Management is also continued when applicable. Frequency of appointments is based on the needs of the student.

  • Mentoring

    Students in Support Services are provided with an advisor to assist them with issues such as budgeting, nutrition, and emergency assistance. It is important to realize mentoring does not mean monitoring. Students at this level of service have demonstrated the ability to live without supervision. The Advisor is truly there to mentor and provide guidance and advice when needed.

  • Community within Community

    Students generally form very close relationships with other students and staff members prior to Support Service. We want students to continue fostering those relationships in the “internal community” and at the same time develop healthy relationships in their greater community. The Support Services Advisor organizes activities where students can network and support each other. Students are also encouraged to participate in various activities and events outside of Support Services, in their own community. The more our students experience as an independent adult, the more confident they will be in advocating for themselves and navigating life’s challenges.

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