Program Continuum

Waterfall Canyon Academy is a community based therapeutic program that offers a continuum of care and services. Our continuum starts with a highly structured residential placement and progresses toward Transitional Living, Advanced Transitional Living, Support Services.

Academic Opportunities

Waterall Canyon Academy has access to a variety of academic settings. Our own OakGrove School offers academic services to our middle and high school students. It is accredited through AdvancEd and prides itself on providing a positive and memorable educational experience. Our students have access to the Ogden Weber Applied Technology College and Weber State University, both within close proximity of our programs.


Therapeutic Services

Waterfall Canyon Academy offers each student an individualized treatment plan, individual therapy, family therapy, and multiple options for group therapy. Our therapist offices are onsite, in the programs, where they interact with our students casually and formally.

Why choose us?

Student Profile

Waterfall Canyon Academy serves adolescents and young adults with a variety of cognitive, social, emotional and behavioral struggles.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (High to Moderate Functioning)                             Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Depression                                                                                                            Anxiety

Executive Functioning Defecits                                                                            Low Processing Speed

           Mild to Moderate Intellectual Disability                                                  Social Pragmatic Communication Disorders

        Specific Learning Disorders                                                                           Nonverbal Learning Deficits

      Difficulty Navigating Social Situations                                                          Lacking Social and Daily Living Skills

                          Low Self-Esteem                                                                              Behavioral & Emotional Dysregulation

   Adoption Issues                                                                                                   Family Conflict

We Recognize Success Looks Different For Every Student

Although many of our students share similar diagnosis, we recognize “success” looks different for every student. Waterfall Canyon Academy provides support and guidance congruent to students learning the skills needed to function at their highest potential. Additionally, identified strengths and healthy interests are expounded upon and cultivated to encourage peak independence and self-reliance.

We Value Relationships With Our Students & Their Families

Waterfall Canyon Academy finds value in the relationships we have with our students and their families. In addition to connecting with our team, we encourage those who join the “Waterfall family” to connect with one another to support and network all of which increases the likelihood of student and family success.

We Offer A Continuum of Services

Waterfall Canyon Academy is a continuum of services. We offer highly structured residential placements through Support Services. As Waterfall Canyon evolved, we noticed many of our students struggled with transitions. Some had a difficult time moving from a highly structured placement to home and needed another step in the process. Others didn’t have less restrictive options close to home or were anxious about starting over at a new program. Waterfall Canyon Academy students can progress through Support Services or until their family and treatment team decide they are ready for other options.

Our School is Offsite & Set Up To Feel “Normal”

Waterfall Canyon Academy wanted to apply our community based philosophy to our academic setting leading to the opening of OakGrove School in 2008. OakGrove School is a non-profit, accredited, private school located a few miles from each program home and expressly serves Waterfall Canyon Academy students. The school setting is small yet encompasses a feeling of normalcy. Students attend six 45 minute classes from 10am until 330 pm Monday through Friday. OakGrove School offers small class sizes, individualized academic plans, accommodations for any learning style, engaged faculty and staff, and extra-curricular activities such as dances, Student Leadership Counsel, field trips, and assemblies. OakGrove Bulldogs have school spirit!

Parent Testimonials

Here you can read a few testimonials from parents of the children in our programs.

“We are beyond thrilled with the progress our son has made at WCA.
WCA let him progress at his own pace and he keeps exceeding everyone’s expectations.
He moves at a snail’s pace, but that’s okay because he keeps moving further and further along.
We have been through programs that made promises that remained unfulfilled.
We have only good things to say about WCA from the Director, Rich Dimick, to the staff members
that run the houses, the CAs and RAs that work directly with our son, and his therapist, a game changer.
We have developed a much better relationship with our son; he is working, volunteering, and learning to
manage his money, maintain his apartment and socialize better with others. He is a work in progress.
We would be happy to speak with any family considering placing their
child/young adult at WCA as we have only good things to say.
It has been a blessing for our family.”

“The teamwork and communication at Waterfall Canyon across school, therapist and the home environment is outstanding!  Consistency for our son is very important and this consistency across all settings has been a huge factor in our son’s success. Also the team has always been very responsive to our concerns and suggestions as parents and are always willing to tweak our sons program as needed.  It is truly an individualized plan and our son has benefited greatly!  He especially likes rooming with other guys, learning how to be a good roommate. The support and programming was so well thought out and implemented.
He likes that progress was easily measured and so do we.”

“After years of struggle, we were finally guided to a remarkable program that understands the unique challenges that come with various exceptionalities and more importantly, the many gifts that accompany the children and young adults who they serve. The staff and professionals became a part of our daughter’s team and supported her for every step forward, and stood alongside her each time she took a step back.”

“Our daughter has worked through the levels in the program and is emerging a stronger more confident young woman. Our time with WCA has been a gift and we possess a keen sense of optimism as our daughter moves towards a life of independence and fulfilment she could not have attained before her experiences at WCA.”

“WCA was the right choice for my son.  When he entered WCA in the fall of 2008 he was angry, depressed and dependent.  He was 15 years old and his world was falling apart. Over the next 2 years he made amazing progress in all three of these areas. Finally, it was determined that it was time to graduate from WCA and transition home.  My son left WCA in the fall of 2010. His life, as well as the life of my family, has forever changed for the better because of WCA and for that I will always be very grateful.”

“The search for a school for my struggling teen lasted years. Being a parent and professional educator raised the bar high until I found Waterfall Canyon. My search for a place with state-of-the-art therapy; teachers who are skilled in working with learning issues with love; a program that serves a teen’s need for hands-on learning and community connection; and a real “down-home” family environment in which relationship is crucial to growth and development. But most important of all, my 16 year old really likes school and working on her issues. What’s more, they really like parents to visit and be involved! I never believed this could happen.”  

“Waterfall Canyon gets it all right: Behavioral, Emotional, Educational and Medication management.  It is a gut-wrenching feeling to send your child far away from home. Waterfall Canyon understands the emotional decision that the parents have to make. They know we are not giving up as parents. Exactly the opposite, we want to save and reclaim our children. WCA uses a holistic approach to treat all aspects of your child’s life. Some schools and programs are good at special education, some are good at behavioral therapy, some handle psychiatric problems well and some treat children with loving care.”

“After visiting other therapeutic programs it was very easy to see that one of the greatest differences about WCA is that our child lives in a loving HOME setting as a member of a FAMILY!  Our daughter has been part of the WCA program for a year and we are talking about transition plans for her return to our home.  Thanks to the efforts of every member of the WCA staff we are looking forward to her return with great hope!”

“Our daughter had been kept at home for years due to repeated problems in schools.  She had become depressed due to her isolation and had not achieved any educational goals.  This led to poor relations between our family members due to her unwillingness to take steps towards a more productive future.  She was 17 years old and had no education to speak of and more diagnosis than seemed plausible.  Prior to entering Waterfall Canyon, we were told that if she worked hard, she could complete her entire high school education in two years as well as completing the social program.  The staff was amazing, and truly cared about educating her, as well as keeping her excited and positive about learning.  She recently graduated with her high school diploma and completed the social program as well.  Now, she has entered an independent living program where she is doing so well that they are telling us that she will be able to live independently within the year and that she is performing extremely well at her 15 hours per week job.  She is currently looking for work with more responsibility and may enroll in a class at the local junior college in the fall.”

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