To accomplish this, we provide individual attention & support, and social & independent living skills training.

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Setting & Support

Our Advanced Transitional Living Program (ATL) consists of 13 fully equipped studio apartments, a common area, staff offices, and onsite laundry facilities. It is centrally located on Historic Jefferson Avenue in Ogden Utah. Students are within easy walking distance of downtown Ogden and Public transportation. The building is exclusively used for our young men and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including awake overnight staff.

Each student has a support team consisting of a Life Coach, Program Coordinator, Residential Advisor, Medication Management Provider, and support staff.  In addition each student is assigned a waterfall Canyon clinical professional for consultation and crisis intervention.  The family is also considered a very integral part of the support team.

The Plan for Success

Every student’s personal journey to be as independent and self-reliant as possible is different.   This journey is guided by the formulation of the Plan for Success.

The Plan for Success serves as the road-map for the goals the student wishes to achieve while in Advanced Transitional Living. Addressed in this plan are goals regarding education, vocation, employment, finances, transportation, future living arrangements and establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships.

In addition to the students individual goals there are also objectives to ensure competencies in areas such as; Household cleanliness, organization, self care (making medical/dental appointments, personal hygiene), appropriately managing bank accounts and many more skills needed for independence.

With the assistance of their life coach, students build and maintain a personal schedule that ensures productivity, leisure time and healthy routine.  Once they have established a personal schedule it supersedes the program schedule allowing them to feel increasingly independent and have more control over their life.

Each student takes ownership of their Plan for Success and with the support of the entire treatment team they formulate and accomplish their goals. WCA will assist in exploring every healthy option that our students wish to pursue!

Education & Employment

With the assistance of their Support Team, students will implement an education and/or employment component into their Plan for Success. Students strengths, abilities, and personal interests are evaluated as they consider finding a job, participating in vocational training, or attending an educational institution.

The Ogden area offers a variety of employment opportunities.  This allows us to assist students in finding jobs that fit their abilities and need for support.  Students needing higher levels of support have access to job coaching programs.  Students that don’t require that level of support will have numerous opportunities to find competitive employment.

Educational opportunities range from finishing their high school diploma at our school, attending the area technology college (Over 75 different trades Add link to owtc), Weber State University or other online college classes.

Life Enrichment

Students are ATL Program community where they can develop social skills, cultivate relationships, and establish a healthy interactive support system.

Students have the opportunity participate in multiple social/recreational activities each week that are organized by our staff.  In an effort to share personal interests and develop new ones, students have the opportunity to suggest sponsored activities.

Students will explore various life enriching activities they can participate and engage in outside of Waterfall Canyon Academy (extracurricular interest). Some of the key purposes for this are: Increasing confidence, developing and strengthening social abilities, character building, and an overall increased sense of independence and self-reliance.

Skills Development

We teach our students skills needed to be an independent adult in both formal and informal settings.  Staff facilitated classes are offered four evenings each week that focus on Daily Living Skills, Social Skills, Life Management, Current Events, and Weekly Planning. It is expected students attend these classes whenever their personal schedule doesn’t conflict.

A heavy emphasis is placed on budgeting, grocery shopping and cooking, apartment organization and cleanliness and appropriate electronics usage.  Students have weekly meetings with their Life Coach and Residential Adviser to ensure these skills are being learned and practiced.

In addition to these formal meetings many of the skills our students learn are taught in the moment by staff that are available and on site 24/7, when teaching moments present themselves.

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