Employment Opportunities

To work at Waterfall Canyon Academy you must be motivated!  Working with youth can be very rewarding AND challenging.

If you are a problem solver who enjoys connecting with others, apply!

If you recognize everyone has something to offer and can patiently nurture and inspire talents, skills, and unknown abilities in others,

you will enjoy working for Waterfall Canyon Academy.

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Before Uploading Your Resume Please Consider The Following:

A list of references to inlcude individuals you have known for more than 2 years is required.

Waterfall Canyon Academy and OakGrove School work with adolescents who struggle with learning differences, mental health issues, and emotion control.

All employees are required to pass a very stringent background check, obtain CPR and FA certification (offered by Waterfall Canyon Academy) and provide a copy of their MVR or personal driving record (Department Of Public Safety: Driver License Division.)

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